We have created Polispec (Portable and On-Line SPECtrophotometer), a line of multifunction spectrophotometers capable of detecting and quantifying, in an absolutely innovative way, the interaction process of a light source with the material to be analyzed. This interaction, which depends on the chemical and physical composition of the analyzed compound, generates specific absorption bands (spectrophotometric measurements) that allow to carry out quantitative and qualitative analyzes on raw matrices and directly online. Available to work in different wavelength ranges, the instruments of the Polispec line integrate the latest technological solutions thus resulting in reference devices for spectrophotometric analysis.


We provide our team of specialists to create customized applications and calibrations that can meet the different needs of our customers in the most diverse application sectors


For some models of instruments in the Polispec range, we provide a wide choice of pre-set calibration curves that are immediately available for use without the need for further interventions


In addition to the wide range of systems and applications ready for installation and use, we are a valid partner for the development of customized projects and the integration of our technologies from both a hardware and software point of view


The Polispec line of instruments is extremely versatile because it is equipped with software systems designed by us that allow us to make these devices technologically performing and customized to the specific characteristics of each customer’s business, both for portable and offline use. The versatility of the range is also noticeable in the industrial sector thanks to the integration of our software modules into plant management systems.